Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet
Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet
Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet
Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet
Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet
Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet

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Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet

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Protect your hair overnight and wake up to more perfect curls thanks to the Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet.

This chic gold and champagne beige satin lined bonnet, not only feels super comfy, but it has been tried and tested by us!

Feel the difference when you wake up to fresher and less frizzy curls, retaining more hair moisture overnight to keep your locks hydrated, speeding up your morning hair routine and reduce frizz.

  • Luxurious satin lining helps reduce your hair frizz while you sleep

  • Elasticated to help with all curl types. Holding your bonnet in place. 
  • Available in one comfy large size for all curly locks 


Non satin bonnets suck the moisture from your hair and disturb the hair cuticle. This creates frizz, dryness and disrupts the curl pattern. Satin absorbs significantly less, leaving moisture levels intact.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Very big

Nice quality but its very big! It's a shame there isn't the option of ordering with a tightening cord, folded it up but it still moves around/slips down. Arrived quickly

Diane F
Satin Sleep Bonnet

Does just what it's supposed to.... stops freshly washed waves and curls from frizzing over night
If you've only a small head or not got long tresses, it's a bit on the big side.....I roll it up .
Could do with a draw cord to tighten as it has a tendency to drop over eyes.
Good quality and price.
I've just fine tuned to suit

Too embarrassed to wear it…

As a product this is fine. I’m just too embarrassed to wear it 😄

satin bonnet

…love it! does cwtch your hair up when sleeping😝

Sleep Bonnet

It took some getting used to as far as how tight to pull the string (too tight causes headaches) but I am loving it. I am still a massive fan of the silk pillow case, but using the bonnet while out on holidays saved my curls for me.