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Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet

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Protect your hair overnight and wake up to more perfect curls thanks to the Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet.

This chic gold and champagne beige satin lined bonnet, not only feels super comfy, but comes with a draw string adjuster for a better fit ensuring it doesn't come loose during the night. 

Feel the difference when you wake up to fresher and less frizzy curls, retaining more hair moisture overnight to keep your locks hydrated, speeding up your morning hair routine. Fully reversible in two chic colours.

  • Luxurious satin lining helps reduce your hair frizz while you sleep
  • Features a new draw string adjuster to make sure the bonnet doesn't come loose
  • Olew bonnets are fully reversible in gold and champagne beige. Great value 2-in-1
  • Available in one comfy size for all curly locks 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Del Thompson
Love sleeping in my Bonnet

Absolutely love my Satin Sleep Bonnet! It’s a game changer to keeping my curls in tact overnight and not having to do a serious refresh every day! :-)

Songül Alievska
Sleeping bonnet

It’s really the best! It keeps my curls defined and less frizzy when I wake up in the morning. Also I dont need to put so much effort intro styling it the next day when I’ve slept with the bonnet, so it saves me a lot of time! love it!!!

Mykaela Robins-Bruce
Use it every day

I wear it every night whether my hair is curly or straight and it's always perfect the next day. It really reduces the need for me to straighten my hair because it's so smooth in the morning - I usually just dry and straighten after washing now. The drawstring means it doesn't fall off either. Would highly recommend, so much cheaper than the other versions out there and works just as well.

Rachel Davenport
Lovely product

This satin bonnet is amazing, stays on all night and protects curls well :)

Angharad Evans
Satin Bonnet

Wore this to bed on wash day, stayed on all night and my curls was more or less the same by the morning. Brilliant 👌