Olew Curl Cream - Hufen Gwallt Oud Collection. Limited Edition.
Olew Curl Cream - Hufen Gwallt Oud Collection. Limited Edition.
Olew Curl Cream - Hufen Gwallt Oud Collection. Limited Edition.

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Olew Curl Cream - Hufen Gwallt Oud Collection. Limited Edition.

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Celebrate Olew's new presence in the Gulf and to pay homage to this vibrant culture, we are super excited to launch our new amazing Olew Curl Cream infused with exotic Arabian rosewood and cardamom giving way to a smoky blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood, and vetiver. With aromatic tonka bean and amber added scents to provide a calming warmth and luxurious sensuality.


The Olew Oud collection is also gender neutral! Traditionally, oud scent is worn by both men and women in the Middle East, with this most subtle yet complex of unisex aromas, expect your other half to love using your Olew products as much as you do! 

About Oud

Also known as oodh, oudh or by its Arabic name, عود, it is often described as the "Wood of the Gods", oud scent forms the basis of some of the world's most extravagant perfumes (such as Tom Ford's Oud Wood). Derived from the resinous bark of a tree that grows exclusively in parts of Southeast Asia, it is also one of the world's rarest and by far one of the most expensive raw fragrance ingredients in the world - pound for pound more expensive than gold!

Why its amazing!

This exquisite essential oil has many applications that range from spiritual to therapeutic and medicinal. It is often associated with harmony, serenity of spirit and , the removal of destructive and negative energies! The scent is great for calming meditation, releasing a gentle aroma that both enhances mental clarity and provides the soothing properties making it an ideal companion for yoga.

Nourish and define your curls with the naturally hydrating curl creme. 

  • Smoothes curls and minimises frizz
  • Special blend of jojoba, avocado and aloe
  • Adds moisture to restore curls back to their happy, original curl pattern.
  • Enhances curls, minimises frizz and provides gentle control
  • Has detangling and anti static properties
  •  Improves the hairs natural flexibility and pliability
  •  Helps restore moisture, body and shine
  •  Helps to protect the hair against sun and atmospheric damage
  •  Provides rheology modification without a heavy or greasy feel
  •  Helps provide resistance to atmospheric humidity- keeping those curls in place!
  •  And it can be used on wet or dry hair and comes in a recyclable glass jar too!
Limited Edition. So get it while you can!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
jayne k holder
Great curl cream

I have bought so many curl creams and gels over the years and always trying to find one that suits my curls the best. I was very impressed with the curl cream, fabulous smell and great defined curls. Would highly recommend.

Excellent product

Smell is gorgeous, love how this makes my hair feel and curls feel moisturised and not frizzy. A little goes a long way so don't be tempted to use a handful at a time 😁 This is my reserve purchase to ensure I never run out.

Julie cole

Doesn’t leave my feeling moisturised at all, tried 3 times now, adding more each time. To much makes my my look dull and over loaded with product. But love the smell

Elizabeth Johnson

My curls are already reasonably well defined, but I ordered Olew Curl Cream as I was impressed by the before and after photos. I followed the instructions, but it made my hair look like the before photo. No curls, but unmanageable hair that resembled and had the feel of candy floss. I tried to get curls back by scrunching with water, no success. Made my usually very curly hair look straight and fly-away. Washed it all out the following day. Will not be ordering any Olew products in future.

Elizabeth hughes
Brilliant cream

Had hair cut first time for curls by a curly hair expert in Aberystwyth he used the products after a fab cut and my hair looks and feels Fantastic.