Our Olew Hairstory

After years of straightening my hair, due to the pressure to conform and hating what I thought it looked like naturally, in 2012 I decided to ditch the straighteners, and begin to embrace my natural hair. My natural hair journey, involved experimentation with a range of products, each failing to produce the results I desired.

Olew was born out of the sheer frustration at the lack of natural hair care products available for my mane. Combined with my extensive research into the harmful chemicals and preservatives that are a mainstay of many of the products available on the market.

I grew to understand that curly hair always needs special love and attention, so I’ve made sure that all of Olew products are packed with natural, hydrating, and nourishing ingredients to give you the happy curls you deserve.

Originally made from my kitchen in East London, the Olew product range is still proudly made and packaged in the UK, and always tested on my own curls.

To reflect this journey of self-discovery which had led me to not only fall back in love with my natural hair but also myself, I named the brand- Olew - the Welsh word for oil, to pay homage to my curly roots and my Welsh roots too!

I am on a mission to encourage other ladies to embrace and love their natural hair too and to always wear it with confidence. 

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