<transcy>Olew Clarifying Conditioner.</transcy>
<transcy>Olew Clarifying Conditioner.</transcy>

Olew Hair

Olew Clarifying Conditioner.

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Осветляющий кондиционер 200мл.

Создан, чтобы охватить ваши натуральные волосы.

  • Насыщен натуральными маслами и жирными кислотами и антиоксидантами.
  • Естественно увлажняет сухие и поврежденные волосы.
  • Распутывает и придает блеск, превращая жаждущие локоны в счастливые и упругие локоны!

Как использовать:

  • Обильно нанесите на влажные волосы
  • Особое внимание уделяйте концам и более сухим, поврежденным участкам.
  • Тщательно почистите щеткой, а затем смойте теплой водой.

Результат: увлажненные, увлажненные и мягкие локоны.

Подходит для всех типов волос, от тонких до густых вьющихся волос.

Без парабенов. Без силикона. Произведены без насилия сделаны с любовью. Веганский. Метод Curly Girl одобрен.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Claire loescher
Game changing products for curly hair

I have been using Olew for about two years. The products are truly amazing. Shiny, bouncy, full curls are my new norm on wash days and beyond! Thank you!!!

Gemma Robinson

I was already using a curly focused conditioner from a different brand and then Olews leave in or remedy, depending how bad my hair was. I added this as the old product I was using was out of stock. Absolutely gobsmacked the impact this made. My hair is soft and shiny and curls are clumping much better. Really amazed. Wish it came in massive bottles as I have very long thick hair, one won't last me that long

Llinos Jones
Best conditioner

Best conditioner for healthy natural curls, detangles immediately, feels good and smells lovely.
Diolch Olew

Sarah Macdonald
Perfect conditioner for my fine hair

You don’t need to use too much of this conditioner to get really healthy soft well conditioned hair.
My hair is quite fine and this is perfect for me - it doesn’t weigh my hair down too much but still feels like it’s been well conditioned. Would definitely recommend.

Love this product!

A lovely conditioner that gives me soft, bouncy curls. Smells great and although bottle isn’t very big, this product lasts as not too much needed. Also great with a small blob of healing hair repair added which gives great definition to my curls. Love every product in the Olew range tried so far, you have transformed my curls xx