<transcy>Bonnet de nuit en satin Olew</transcy>
<transcy>Bonnet de nuit en satin Olew</transcy>
<transcy>Bonnet de nuit en satin Olew</transcy>
<transcy>Bonnet de nuit en satin Olew</transcy>
<transcy>Bonnet de nuit en satin Olew</transcy>
<transcy>Bonnet de nuit en satin Olew</transcy>

Olew Hair

Bonnet de nuit en satin Olew

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Protégez vos cheveux pendant la nuit et réveillez-vous avec des boucles plus parfaites grâce au bonnet de sommeil Olew Satin.

Ce chic bonnet doublé de satin beige or et champagne , non seulement se sent super confortable, mais est livré avec un ajusteur de cordon de serrage pour un meilleur ajustement garantissant qu'il ne se desserre pas pendant la nuit.

Sentez la différence lorsque vous vous réveillez avec des boucles plus fraîches et moins crépues, retenant plus d'humidité des cheveux pendant la nuit pour garder vos mèches hydratées, accélérant votre routine capillaire du matin. Entièrement réversible en deux coloris chics.

  • La doublure en satin de luxe aide à réduire les frisottis de vos cheveux pendant que vous dormez
  • Comprend un nouvel ajusteur de cordon de serrage pour s'assurer que le capot ne se desserre pas
  • Les bonnets Olew sont entièrement réversibles en or et beige champagne. Excellent rapport qualité-prix 2-en-1
  • Disponible dans une taille confortable pour toutes les mèches bouclées

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Alex C
Doesn't work for me

The bonnet itself is constructed really nicely. The one-size-fits-all doesn't quite work as I have quite a small head so it slides down my forehead. The main reason for the lack of stars is that my curls go a bit lanky and dank and don't have the buoyancy and freshness that I want to carry over to the next day. The bonnet holds the moisture in, whereas a satin pillowcase can let the air circulate and not pull the curls apart so I'll try that next.

Thank you so much for your feedback and purchase! The one-size bonnet was designed after customer feedback found that people found a toggle to tighten the elastic uncomfortable to sleep in. You might like to try another way of making the bonnet a more comfortable fit, including rolling up the band. We're surprised to hear your curls are dropping - that's the opposite of what happens to most customers! Are you ensuring that your hair is fully dry before sleep and/or allowing your curls to settle for a bit after taking your curls out of the bonnet first thing in the morning and then refreshing? Others prefer to use a silk scrunchie and tie into a pineapple and use a silk pillowcase and then refresh, perhaps this may be a better routine for you? Let us know how you get on and thank you again, Team Olew x

Very big

Nice quality but its very big! It's a shame there isn't the option of ordering with a tightening cord, folded it up but it still moves around/slips down. Arrived quickly

Diane F
Satin Sleep Bonnet

Does just what it's supposed to.... stops freshly washed waves and curls from frizzing over night
If you've only a small head or not got long tresses, it's a bit on the big side.....I roll it up .
Could do with a draw cord to tighten as it has a tendency to drop over eyes.
Good quality and price.
I've just fine tuned to suit

Too embarrassed to wear it…

As a product this is fine. I’m just too embarrassed to wear it 😄

satin bonnet

…love it! does cwtch your hair up when sleeping😝