Olew Hair Healing Remedy
Olew Hair Healing Remedy
Olew Hair Healing Remedy
Olew Hair Healing Remedy

Olew Hair

Olew Hair Healing Remedy

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Hair Healing Remedy 180ml glass jar

For all curls and hair types in need of repair, and this is what #teamolew are already saying about our NEW product:

"I used the hair healing remedy this morning… you have absolutely crushed it! My hair feels amazing!" -Robert M.

While curls are naturally more dry and need more TLC, we know all hair types need love. Our Remedy doesn't discriminate - it's made for everyone!

Designed to repair, strengthen and hydrate your hair and scalp. It helps to reduce breakage, eliminates frizz, and makes your hair fuller and stronger

  • The dragons blood resin found in our healing remedy mitigates the overproduction of certain bacteria and fungi that can cause issues like dandruff, redness and irritation. The result? A fertile and healthy place from which your hair can now grow. A healthy scalp = healthy hair!
  • Dragon's Blood is particularly effective when used in conjunction with other hydrating ingredients like the oils infused in The Olew 5: Argan, Jojoba, Almond, Avocado, Coconut and Olive oil.
  • Vegetable Protein (soy, corn & wheat) A vegan alternative to keratin, vegetable protein reduces hair's porosity and strengthens it from within. This protein increases your hair's ability to receive and retain moisture; making your hair healthier, shinier, and easier to style.

How to use

Apply all over to wet hair after washing. Apply generously by working from root to tip. Massage thoroughly into your scalp and leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes. For extra conditioning, cover hair with a plastic cap. The longer it's on, the more effective it will be!

Wash out or leave in..


ON THE OUTSIDE: Defined and hydrated natural hair!

ON THE INSIDE: Restored bonds and strengthened keratin hair structure




Aqua,Cetearyl Alcohol,Ceteareth 20,Soytrimonium Chloride,Glyceryl Stearate,Glycerine,Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride,Hydrolised Vegetable Protein,Croton Lechleri Resin Extract (Dragon Blood Oil),Propanediol,Ricinus Communis Seed oil,Olea Europaea Fruit Oil,Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil,Persea Gratissima Oil,Againia Spinosa, Kernel Oil,Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil,Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil,Parfum,Phenoxyethanol,Ethylhexyglycerine,Citric Acid

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Jess Reinholdt
Doesn't work on my hair.

Not really impressed with this product, it's supposed to help & heal my hair but it's the opposite that it has made my hair very dry even adding oil didn't help. I've tried to leave it on for longer and the result was still the same. Everyone's hair is different though. The shampoo & conditioner is amazing as it makes a huge difference to my hair and when I wake up I don't need to straighten my hair like I used to. I don't need to buy anything else so the shampoo, conditioner & oil is perfect. Just a shame that this product made my hair very dry so I'm back to the start of trying to get it back to looking healthy again like it was with the shampoo & conditioner.

Emma Pierce

Love it!!!! Leaves my hair in the best condition.
It reduces frizz and it's so easy to apply!
Also, perfect for lazy wash days. I apply it all over, leave in over night, then just rinse out the next day. Leaves me with perfect bouncy curls every time.

kate franc

Fantastic product to restore your hair - I leave it in my hair (in place of curl cream) every few weeks to restore moisture.

Lisa W
Absolutely fantastic

My hair has been feeling rather lacklustre of late and nothing I've tried has helped....until now! The Hair HEaling Remedy is amazing. It has given my hair is bounce and shine back and has made it so much easier to manage. I love the smell, the consistancy, and the texture. A very small amount goes a very long way, so this is going to be a great value product.

It’s really healing my hair!

An absolutely fantastic product that is definitely helping to restore and add some much needed moisture to my bleached, heat damaged 3b curls. Hollol gwych!