<transcy>Кремовое трио для завитков</transcy>

Olew Hair

Кремовое трио для завитков

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Curl Cream Trio состоит из

  • Очищающий шампунь Olew Cleansing Shampoo для переменного тока 200 мл худые, увлажненные волосы и кожа головы.
  • 200 мл Olew Clarifying Conditioner для увлажненных, увлажненных и мягких локонов
  • Крем для завивки 180 мл для ноу ровные и четкие локоны

Подходит для всех типов волос, от тонких до густых вьющихся волос.

Произведены без насилия сделаны с любовью. Веганский. Кудрявая девушка.

Customer Reviews

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R Connor
Made my daughter's hair silky soft

I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and curl cream on my little girl's hair. Hers is curly and wavy but very tangly and dry. These products make it silky soft with beautiful curls. It shines! Great products and will definitely recommend.

We're so happy to hear that the products have worked well for your daughter!

Sue Jones
shampoo and conditioner are lovely

shampoo and conditioner are lovely but the cream is a bit heavy

Hi Sue,

Thank you for your purchase and review! Happy to hear you like the trio. Our curl cream is very concentrated; less is more when using it. Perhaps try using half of what you think you should use and you'll see great results!

Carys Gwyn

Cynyrch gwych

Gwych! Brilliant!

Wrth fy modd gyda'r Trio - rioed wedi llwyddo i gael trefn fel hyn ar fy nghyrls! Cynnyrch anhygoel, diolch o galon.
Curl Trio has enabled me to tame my curls for the first time in 62 years! Amazing products.

Julia W-B
Excellent product

Love the products…would like in a larger or refillable version to save on plastic waste but the actual product formula works wonderfully for my hair type and smells fabulous. Great to buy as the trio.