<transcy>The Olew Wash Day Combo - Champú y acondicionador</transcy>
<transcy>The Olew Wash Day Combo - Champú y acondicionador</transcy>

Olew Hair

The Olew Wash Day Combo - Champú y acondicionador

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Disfrute de la combinación perfecta para el día de lavado: el champú limpiador Olew de 200 ml y el acondicionador aclarador de 200 ml.

Champú Limpiador Olew 200ml.

La mezcla secreta de aguacate, argán y jojoba ayuda a fortalecer las raíces y también estimula el crecimiento del cabello.

  • Enriquecido con una mezcla de vitamina E, antioxidantes y ácidos grasos omega 3
  • Hidrata, nutre y limpia el cuero cabelludo de forma natural
  • ¡Ayuda a estimular esas raíces rizadas!

Acondicionador Clarificante 200ml.

Diseñado para abrazar tu cabello natural.

  • Infundido con aceites naturales y enriquecido con ácidos grasos y antioxidantes.
  • Hidrata naturalmente el cabello seco y dañado
  • ¡Desenreda y agrega brillo transformando los rizos sedientos en rizos felices y elásticos!

Cómo utilizar:

  • Aplicar generosamente sobre el cabello mojado.
  • Especial atención a las puntas y a las zonas más secas y dañadas.
  • Cepille bien y luego enjuague con agua tibia.

Resultados: Rizos hidratados, hidratados y suaves.

Adecuado para todo tipo de cabello, desde cabello fino hasta cabello rizado grueso.

Libre de parabeno. Sin silicona. Libre de crueldad. Vegano. Aprobado el Método Curly Girl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

The Olew Wash Day Combo - Shampoo & Conditioner

Christina Summers
Curly hair with Olew

I have been so pleased with the shampoo/conditioner combo. It's revitalised my naturally curly hair and I don't need to wash it so often to get it back, love these products!

Hafwen Hughes

I can’t believe the standard of the box . I paid for it so i could have all the products in it as there were 5 items as a present. The box was damaged and products half the original size .

Julie Brunger
Julie's Olew journey.

As a child I had wavy hair but after treatment for a health condition my hair has got curlier and curlier. I used to try to smooth it using large rollers but since I received my first order of Olew in February 2022. I have now embraced my curls. I have learnt so much from watching the short videos and love the results using the products and methods. I'm proud to be a curlie girl now.

Olew Oud styling cream and oil

Oh my days I’m in love 🥰 so, first off the smell, I actually prefer it to to the original so I have all things crossed for a shampoo and conditioner range in this fragrance. Although it smells quite strong initially, it leaves a gorgeous after scent that is subtle and lasts for quite a long time. The product itself is a first time trial for me. My hair is fine and I was concerned it might weigh down the curls. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A little goes a long way and I was left with shiny bouncy curls and no frizz. Practically impossible for me. The curls lasted for 4 days, they got looser but I still had them along with some fabulous volume. Very happy and very impressed. I will say that I diffused on a very cool setting but have used it without diffusing same curls but less volume which is pretty normal for my hair. Hair was sooo soft and touchable (I know I know, touching is a cardinal sin ) and even hubby noticed the difference. Also he prefers the scent. Thanks for another fab product. Xx