<transcy>Combo Diwrnod Golchi Olew - Siampŵ a Chyflyrydd</transcy>
<transcy>Combo Diwrnod Golchi Olew - Siampŵ a Chyflyrydd</transcy>

Olew Hair

Combo Diwrnod Golchi Olew - Siampŵ a Chyflyrydd

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Trin eich hun i'r combo diwrnod golchi perffaith - Siampŵ Glanhau Olew 200ml a Chyflyrydd Egluro 200ml.

Siampŵ Glanhau Olew 200ml.

Mae'r cyfuniad cyfrinachol o afocado, argan a jojoba yn helpu i gryfhau'r gwreiddiau ac yn annog tyfiant gwallt hefyd.

  • Wedi'i gyfoethogi â chyfuniad o fitamin E, gwrthocsidyddion ac asidau brasterog omega 3
  • Yn naturiol yn lleithio, yn maethu ac yn glanhau croen y pen
  • Mae'n helpu i roi hwb i'r gwreiddiau cyrliog hynny!

Cyflyrydd Eglurhaol 200ml.

Wedi'i gynllunio i gofleidio'ch gwallt naturiol.

  • Wedi'i drwytho ag olewau naturiol a'i gyfoethogi ag asidau brasterog a gwrthocsidyddion
  • Gwlychu gwallt sych a difrodi yn naturiol
  • Yn datgymalu ac yn ychwanegu disgleirio gan drawsnewid cyrlau sychedig i gyrlau bownsio hapus!

Sut i ddefnyddio:

  • Gwnewch gais yn hael i wallt gwlyb
  • Ffocws arbennig ar y pennau ac ar ardaloedd sychach, wedi'u difrodi.
  • Brwsiwch yn drylwyr ac yna rinsiwch â dŵr cynnes.

Canlyniadau: Cyrlau lleithiog, hydradol a meddal.

Yn addas ar gyfer pob math o wallt o wallt cyrliog mân i wallt trwchus.

Paraben Am Ddim. Am Ddim Silicôn. Creulondeb Am Ddim. Fegan. Dull Curly Girl wedi'i gymeradwyo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Finally bought these after using the styling trio for months and my hair looks even better than ever! Will never go back to anything else, I’ll be using Olew for life 💚

Rebecca Jones-Morris
Flew curl cream

Smells great

Thanks so much Rebecca for taking the time to leave a review. We're so happy you're pleased with the products and we agree about the smell!

Lovely smell, low foam shampoo

I guess the ingredients of these products are better for your hair than cheaper alternatives. But the low foam of the shampoo means you need to use about twice as much as usual to really work it into your hair so it won't last me long. It makes my hair matt a bit too. The conditioner is lovely and untangles my hair again. Not sure yet if I'll buy them again.

Hi Louise,

Thank you for your review and purchase!

The misconception about foam equating to cleanliness is a common one. In reality, foam doesn't determine the shampoo's cleansing efficacy. Our formula is crafted with mild, plant-based cleansers that effectively remove dirt and impurities while being gentle on your hair and scalp. The reduced foam doesn't compromise its cleansing power; rather, it signifies a gentler, milder approach to hair care.

We understand that adjusting to a low-foam shampoo might require a different application technique. We recommend concentrating on massaging the product into the scalp and roots, adding more water and shampooing twice. The rest of your hair does not need to be shampooed - this is what the conditioner is there to do!

The absence of sulfates and other harsh chemicals in our formulation is intentional. While sulfates generate the lather that many associate with cleanliness, they can also strip away natural oils from the scalp, leading to dryness and potential damage to the hair. Our natural approach aims to gently cleanse without compromising your hair's natural moisture balance. While other shampoos may leave your hair feeling softer, this is due to the chemicals used. In reality these chemicals only cause damage to the hair and leave a layer around the hair, acting as a barrier to moisture entering the hair shaft. Which is not the best for curly hair as it typically needs more moisture.

Your feedback is incredibly valuable as we continuously strive to improve our products. If there's anything else we can assist you with or if you have further questions, please feel free to reach out. We're here to ensure your haircare experience with Olew is the very best!

Thank you once again for choosing Olew!

Team Olew x


The Olew Wash Day Combo - Shampoo & Conditioner

Christina Summers
Curly hair with Olew

I have been so pleased with the shampoo/conditioner combo. It's revitalised my naturally curly hair and I don't need to wash it so often to get it back, love these products!