Olew Curl Cream
Olew Curl Cream
Olew Curl Cream
Olew Curl Cream

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Olew Curl Cream

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Olew Curl Cream 180ml

Nourish and define your curls with the naturally hydrating curl creme. 

  • Smoothes curls and minimises frizz
  • Special blend of jojoba, avocado and aloe
  • Adds moisture to restore curls back to their happy, original curl pattern.


  • Enhances curls, minimises frizz and provides gentle control
  • Has detangling and anti static properties
  •  Improves the hairs natural flexibility and pliability
  •  Helps restore moisture, body and shine
  •  Helps to protect the hair against sun and atmospheric damage
  •  Provides rheology modification without a heavy or greasy feel
  •  Helps provide resistance to atmospheric humidity- keeping those curls in place!
  •  And it can be used on wet or dry hair and comes in a recyclable glass jar too!

Cruelty Free. Vegan. Curly Girl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Jenny Brambley
My favourite curl cream

The curl cream locks in moisture so well, I put it on really wet hair and try not to touch it at all until it's dry. Initially it looks a bit crispy but a quick scrunch with dry hands leaves it really soft and bouncy

Katy John


Tracy Richardson
Absolutely fabulous products and service

I spent years with my hair in a pony tail, never sure how or what to do with my hair as I have no back to front co-ordination what so ever or any creative flare that my friends have or had, but now at the age of 57 I have found a product that gives me the curls I love. These products take no time and with hardly any effort, I can literally scrunch and go, how amazing is that. I truly love my hair now and wear it down everyday. How I wish I had found this product when I was in my teens

J Hart
A must if you have curls

My hairdresser first used this on my hair, and it made my curls pop! I immediately purchased myself a jar, I was worried I could not recreate my popping curls, but I did not need to worry as this is a brilliant product that works magic on my curls and will now be a must as part of daily hair care routine! Its a 10/10 from me!

Eleanor Thomas
Defines the curls, reduces the fluff!

I have taken my time to write this because using the right amount was a challenge for me! My first attempt, I used too much….then not enough! The curl cream certainly defines my curls and cuts down on the fluff. It makes the curls last slightly longer too.