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ثلاثي التصميم Olew!

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ثلاثي التصفيف المطلق!

  • 200 مل جل تحديد الضفيرة Olew
  • 180 مل كريم Olew Curl
  • 30 مل زيت الشعر Olew الأصلي

مناسب لجميع أنواع الشعر من الشعر الناعم إلى الكثيف المجعد.

بارابين مجانا. خالي من السيليكون. القسوة المجانية. نباتي. تمت الموافقة على طريقة Curly Girl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Aimee Jones
Great products

I received the trio. Unfortunately on delivery the oil was badly broken and had leaked all over the packaging. So far though I am very happy with the other two products.
Many thanks!

Hi Aimee, we are so happy to hear you and your curls are loving the products, We are sorry to hear this- we have sent a replacement oil out to you and have reported the damage with Royal Mail.

Thank you so much and welcome to Team Olew!

Not for my hair

The oil and gel are fine for my curls but the cream seems dry, which seems an odd thing to say but it just doesn’t moisturise my hair, so I need loads of it. The next day after washing my hair looks terrible, very dry and it’s very knotty.

Jo Inglis
A revelation!

I bought the cream from another website & as it made a better job of curls than anything else - I took the plunge with this set. I can’t believe that at nearly 60 I can finally have soft defined curls that aren’t crispy and that don’t become a frizz mess the day after washing. I’m definitely interested in comments about fine hair curls & experimenting more with applications ie gel whilst wet or gel when drier.

Stephanie Hatch
Lovely products-less is definitely more for thin hair though!

Lovely products & smells great. I have very thin hair, so find that I don’t always need all 3 together though. I tend to pick the gel if I want a hold, but I find the oil and cream to be enough for my thin wavy curls! Worth the price for all 3 and I like to have the options.

Kirsty Martin
Beautiful products

I have very short hair so I did a bit of guess work on the amount of everything I needed, the first time was amazing, the next couple didn’t come out too well but I still have curly L plates 🙈
I think I became a little over generous with the products, once I scaled back my hair turned out much better again. I have given 5 stars as is operator error rather than the products!
The products smell amazing, ALL OF THEM!
I diffuse my hair, as it is so short I have to encourage lift against gravity and my hair comes out well using the products, other products I’ve used made my hair very crispy until I slept on them but the Olew products just give my hair a lovely shine.
I am converted to an Olew girl and after 17 years of denying my curls not only are they embraced but I’m actually going to grow out my pixie cut!

Be warned these products may give you a huge curly boost of confidence! Enjoy!