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ثلاثي التصميم Olew!

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ثلاثي التصفيف المطلق!

  • 200 مل جل تحديد الضفيرة Olew
  • 180 مل كريم Olew Curl
  • 30 مل زيت الشعر Olew الأصلي

مناسب لجميع أنواع الشعر من الشعر الناعم إلى الكثيف المجعد.

بارابين مجانا. خالي من السيليكون. القسوة المجانية. نباتي. تمت الموافقة على طريقة Curly Girl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Fabulous range

I love the Olew range of products for curly hair.. fabulous results every time..

Thanks Gail for your lovely review and for supporting a small business - we're delighted to hear that you love the products!

Sarah M

I have switched to Olew wanting to support a small (and Welsh!) business but my hair isn't sure. I'm finding the oil a little drying and the cream I still need to work out the right amount for my hair. X

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and, in particular, for making the decision to support a small, Welsh business. We're surprised to hear that you found the oil makes your curls dry - there's nothing in the oil's ingredients that should cause that; in fact it's quite the opposite! All of the ingredients in our Olew original are natural and have hydrating properties. Can we ask what shampoo and conditioner you're using beforehand? Shampoos containing sulphates can strip the hair of natural moisture and conditioners containing silicones can create a barrier which can prevent the moisturising ingredients in our oil from penetrating into your hair. With regard to the cream , you're absolutely right that it's trial and error as to how much to use - our motto is generally that less is more! This is particularly true if you have shorter or finer hair. You might also like to try adding a bit of water and emulsifying the cream in your hand before applying. Have fun experimenting- and let us know if we can help. We have videos on our Youtube and Instagram of best ways to apply! Thank you again, Team Olew x

Maria Chidanyika
The amazing Trio

I have been using these now for over a year. And my hair is amazing!! No more fuzz!! And the smell, I have work colleges sniffing my hair and say it’s amazing!! Thank you for saving my hair and renewing it!!! The curls look so so good. Thank you @olew xxx


Absolutely amazing! My curls are so defined, super soft and smell gorgeous!

Victoria Needham
5 star product

I’m still learning to use it but so far loving the results only need a little my daughters hairdresser told me I had curly hair I said no it’s just frizzy but after curly cut and olew I have beautiful curls just like my daughter! I always thought she got them from her dad! Smells lovely and hair feels lovely not covered messy greasy or horrible like other products I have previously tried for my daughter both our hair loves it