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ذا كيرل كريم تريو

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يتكون Curl Cream Trio من

  • 200 مل شامبو منظف Olew للتكييف الشعر وفروة الرأس الهزيلة والمرطبة.
  • بلسم Olew Clarifying 200 مل لتجعيدات مرطبة ومرطبة وناعمة
  • 180 مل كريم كيرل من أجل نو تجعيد الشعر المصقولة والمحددة

مناسب لجميع أنواع الشعر من الشعر الناعم إلى الكثيف المجعد.

القسوة المجانية. نباتي. مجعد فتاة.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love my curls

I live for this stuff! The products aren’t heavy but rich enough to make my waves pop. My only complaint is the shampoo & conditioner aren’t bigger! I’ve got loads of hair that needs to smell this good!

Excellent products

They smell lovely and leave my hair with lovely curls. All natural too.

Sceptic no more!

My frizzy curls were annoying me throughout lockdown. A friend recommended Olew to me and, after being told to try numerous products in the past, I was sceptical. However, I was keen to help out a Welsh business so decided to give it a try. Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe the difference! I have been given so many compliments, I cant believe it! My curls stay defined and bouncy for days and I've been recommending the products to anyone who will listen!

Great product, disappointing customer service

I’ve been using olew for two weeks now & my wash day can easily be stretched to 4-5 days now instead of the every other I was doing previously. The cream smells amazing & leaves my hair feeling soft and hydrated - though I’m finding Im having to use quite a bit on non wash days (after scrunching with water) to keep the frizz at bay.
The shampoo definitely needs to be used more than once on wash day, the first wash removes impurities & it’s only on the second that I get a good lather, but it smells amazing. Ive found after shampooing with olew my hair is horrendously dry, but the conditioner works quickly & brushing in the shower does make a big difference.
Slight issues with dispatch taking 4 working days, and my cream had leaked in transit - I’ve emailed regarding this but had no reply. I’ll definitely be ordering again, it’s so important to support small business, especially when the items are so fab - I just wish the shampoo & conditioner came in bigger bottles as I’ve used quite a bit already! 😄

Curl cream trio

Smells delicious and works a treat. Will be buying again