<transcy>Oud Limited Edition Collection Duo - Curl Cream &amp; Olew Original</transcy>

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Oud Limited Edition Collection Duo - Curl Cream & Olew Original

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هذا الإصدار المحدود من مجموعة العود ، يتميز بكريم Olew Curl المذهل و Olew Original المميز ، وكلاهما ممزوج بخشب الورد العربي والهيل مما يفسح المجال لمزيج دخاني من خشب العود النادر وخشب الصندل ونجيل الهند. مع روائح حبوب التونكا العطرية والعنبر المضافة لتوفير الدفء المهدئ والشهوانية الفاخرة

مجموعة Olew Oud محايدة بين الجنسين! تقليديا ، يرتدي الرجال والنساء رائحة العود في الشرق الأوسط ، مع هذا العطر الأكثر تعقيدًا من الجنسين. الروائح ه xpect الخاص بك النصف الآخر ل أحب استخدام منتجات Olew الخاصة بك بقدر ما تفعل!

طبعة محدودة! الحصول عليها في حين يمكنك! وفر 2 جنيهات إسترلينية عند شرائك كل من كريم تجعيد مجموعة العود وأوليو الأصلي!

Customer Reviews

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Rosie Hicks
Perfect Ginger curls

My 4th pot of curl cream and olew original , other products leave my scalp itchy , my curls are still perfect on wash day , a spray of water and apply and go!

Bethan Davies

Olew is the best product that i have used on my hair im naturally curly anyway but never had the courage to leave it curly always straightening it and ruing it but now my hair is full of bouncy curls after useing the oil and cream absolutely amazeing thk you so much

Sarah Williams

Loved the packaging and loving the products

Excellent products

I'm not one for hair products normally but Olew hair products are different. Because they're made from natural ingredients my hair feels more nourished and happier! The Limited Edition Oud hair oil smells amazing and conditions my hair beautifully without being too heavy. I particularly loved the curl cream. It's amazing, my hair's a bit odd and can't decide if it's wavy or straight but the curl cream bought out the natural curl instantly. It's also good to know that a little goes a long way. My hair is in MUCH better condition since I've started using Olew hair products.

Linda Evans
Oud limited edition collection duo

I do love the smell of the Olew original, but the oud limited edition smell is lush. It would suit male and female. I used it in my hair going out out for the first time in ages and everyone kept smelling my hair as they loved the smell as well.